CDC, Mass Infection, and the Bolsheviks

The CDC is now estimating that nearly 25 million Americans have contracted the coronavirus. That means that the infection rate is 10 times higher than estimated. The CDC conducted surveys of blood samples taken from around the nation and now they say millions of Americans may have contracted the disease without even knowing it or some may have had only minimal symptoms.

CDC Director Robert Redfield said, “This virus causes so much asymptomatic infection. We probably recognized about 10% of the outbreak.” Now wait a minute. Just a few the CDC said that asymptomatic individuals were “rare” and now suddenly they are not. So which is it? This is one more example of the contradictory information put out by the media, CDC, and WHO and yet these people just don’t understand why Americans don’t believe anything they say anymore.

To date almost 2.4 million Americans have tested positive for the virus. To listen to the media now one gets the impression that the virus is mega-lethal but the truth of the matter is that MOST people who have the virus either have no symptoms or their symptoms are mild to moderate. So why is the media pushing the idea that the virus is lethal in most cases when they know fully well it is not?

The blood samples studied by the CDC were taken from blood donations or lab tests samples and they showed that 5-8% of Americans have contracted the virus. Sorry but that is NOT a figure that puts the pandemic into the “pandemic” range! Hell that isn’t even an “epidemic.” So why all the hype and fearmongering? Even in this study the CDC says most people with the virus show few, if any, symptoms and “only a small percentage require hospitalization.” But that is NOT the picture that the media is giving. In fact, the media is giving just the opposite picture!

So what is worth all of the fear mongering and exaggeration? Well it could be anarchy!

For decades now our colleges and high schools have been indoctrinating our youth into the finer points of Communism painting pictures in our youth’s heads about how “wonderful and fair” a Communist Utopia would be to live in. What they haven’t been telling our youth is that we’ve already had more than enough examples of such a “Utopia” such as Venezuela, Red China, the former USSR, Cambodia, etc. All cesspools! All failed examples of such a Commie “Utopia.” Yet, we have now come to a point in our history where enough of our youth have been brainwashed by their Commie professors that they want that hellish “Utopia.”

The killing of George Floyd a few weeks ago by Minneapolis police was tragic and unnecessary and people had a right to be outraged and demonstrate for police reform but that movement has been hijacked by Leftists who have transformed the demonstrations to conform with their own Communist agenda and the overthrow of our Republic.

I’ve been trying to figure out why the so called BLM protestors are destroying statues and monuments that have nothing to do with slavery. Monuments like the one that honors the first black unit of Union soldiers in the Civil War or various statues of people who stood up against slavery. Why are the “protestors” destroying these monumants? The answer is that the movement no longer has anything to do with slavery and everything to do wtih erasing the history of our nation which is a tactic right out of Vladimir Lenin’s playbook. In fact, the leftists are now fully engaged in a cultural revolution against our Republic and our people and they are using the Bolshevik playbook. The same playbook they used to overthrow and murder the last Russian emperor and his family in 1917 which brought Lenin and Stalin to power in Russia. Their tactics are identical and I assume their end-goal is too.

The Bolsheviks wanted to destroy the tradition of czarist rule in Russia and in today’s America they want to destroy our democratic tradition and form of government and that message is clear. One of the leaders of BLM said yesterday that if they don’t get what they want that they’ll burn this country to the ground. What do they want? Communism!

As we see today in America so we saw during the Russian Revolution in 1917 when the Bolsheviks were destroying statues, monuments, attempting to rewrite history, and seeking to turn various groups of people against each other. Their focus was on how bad living under the Tsars was and in America today their focus is on how bad it has been for Americans to live under our Republic. And they are offering us an imaginary vision of their “Utopia” which, I assure you, will be nothing short of a living HELL for MOST of us! That’s what the Russians found out very quickly once Lenin and Stalin took over. Suddenly, Russians wanted the Tsar back but the Tsar was DEAD. By that time Lenin and Stalin had an iron fist grip on Russia and many of the “useful idiots” had already been “purged” (killed) by their leftist thugs. The same will happen in the US if we allow these modern Bolsheviks to take over, guaranteed.

The college professors, “civil rights” leaders, intellectuals, media, and many more were used by Lenin as “useful idiots” to help him and Stalin come to power but once they did come to power they no longer needed these “useful idiots” so they executed them. When Pol Pot took over Cambodia he gave orders to kill all “intellectuals” wherever they might be found. His thugs, the Khmer Rouge, were confused because they couldn’t tell who was an “intellectual” and who was not. So, Pol Pot made it simple for them by telling them to go out and kill anyone wearing eye glasses! And that is exactly what they did!

America is not perfect and never has been but when given a choice I’d much rather continue living under our Republic than under some Communist “Utopia.” Should that “Utopia” ever manifest in America it won’t take American’s long to wish they still had the Republic because that “Utopia” will ONLY be a Utopia for the Communist elites. The MAJORITY of us will live in gross poverty and oppression like we can’t even imagine. But, by then it will be TOO LATE!

The grass always looks greener on the other side until you get there and find out that it’s nothing but a weed patch and you discover you have no way back.

They say that those who do not know and learn from the past are condemned to repeat it and, sadly, that seems to be the case in America today. Only this time we seem to be on the verge of repeating Russia’s Leninist past. For a current example of that Communist “utopia” we need look no further than Communist Red China and North Korea. These are the two most repressive and murderous regimes on the planet. The ENSLAVE whole segments of their populations such as the Muslims living in western China (yes Communist really do have no problem with slavery!). They have large numbers of their people in “re-education camps” which are nothing short of cesspool Gulags and all because the people in those camps refuse to agree with the ruling Communist regime. The SAME will quickly happen in America should the Bolshevik TRAITORS in our midst succeed in overthrowing our Republic.

It’s no secret that the New World Order elites desire a Communist system to make carrying out their murder, slavery, and evil agenda easier and it’s no secret that America has been the biggest roadblock to the manifestation of their plans. They have brought their war onto American soil and all of the coronavirus fearmongering may well be a part of that battle to take down America. it’s also no secret that these NWO elites are perverse beyond imagination as they are the very ones who have long held our missing children in slavery serving as their sex slaves! The fact of the matter is that these NWO elite PERVERTS need to be rounded up and executed as imprisonment or rehabilitation will do NOTHING to change them because they are straight from the Pit of Hell and Satan IS their GOD!

Sometimes you need to step back and see the bigger picture because it is easy to get too wraped up in the details. When we look at the bigger picture in America today it becomes very clear that there is much, much more going on than the coronavirus and race demonstrations. Our future and the futures of our children and grandchildren are now threatened as never before becuase America stands on the brink of the cliff. Sitting back and letting it happen will result in that hellish “utopia” lording over America and we will all regret it.

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