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CDC, Mass Infection, and the Bolsheviks

The CDC is now estimating that nearly 25 million Americans have contracted the coronavirus. That means that the infection rate is 10 times higher than estimated. The CDC conducted surveys of blood samples taken from around the nation and now they say millions of Americans may have contracted the disease without even knowing it or…

More CRAP Science!

Here’s what I call “crap science.” As the protests began several weeks ago healthcare experts were warning that the coronavirus would spread like wildfire then suddenly they changed their tune even though there was little to no social distancing or mask wearing. Yet, at the same time these same experts were warning us that going…

Alinsky and America

Hillary Clinton actually met Alinsky and worshiped at his feet. Obama never met him but both he and Clinton esteemed the traitor as if he were a living god. BTW his book entitled “Rules for Radicals” was dedicated to Satan. That fact alone speaks volumes about him and his beliefs/techniques. I have read his book…

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